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Louise Glaum peacock

Louise Glaum, in a cloth of gold vamp creation…provided the high lights at the annual ball of the motion picture directors at the Hotel Alexandria in Los Angeles early in December [1916].”

The ball was most likely held inside the Alexandria Hotel‘s Rose Ballroom on the Mezzanine floor [2nd floor] back then.

Source: Photoplay Magazine in 1917:

Photo courtesy of http://silenthollywood.com/louiseglaum.html


Louise Glaum

“I have only done a few real vampire parts, according to the figurative definition: ‘One who lives by preying on others.’ The term has been so misused that any woman who does anything a bit naughty is now called a ‘vamp.’”Louise Glaum in 1921.


Louise Glaum

“I don’t think it is a good thing for a player to keep to one style of part. However, there are some types of character I cannot play, like ingenue, for istance. Therefore, I like stories of the strong, dramatic kind. But the characters must be human, true to life. The so-called vamp grew tiresome because she wasn’t human.”Louise Glaum

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  1. Paul Whiteman, King of Jazz lived at Alexandria Hotel, ALSO WHITMAN’S DEC 1919 OPENING NIGHT ORCHESTRA. Source is King of Jazz Paul Whitman’s Technicolor Review pages 17 and 18.

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