Madge Evans – photos and quotes

Madge Evans

“The publicity folks have been kidding me because while I was away from Metro I confessed to a writer that all the men in my life were figments of someone’s imagination. When I came back here they told me that they’d tried hard to give me a romantic reputation, and I had no right to blast their glamour.”Madge Evans

Source: Ben Maddox (1933)
Photographer: Clarence Sinclair Bull


Madge Evans in 1929. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Portrait from 1929.


Huddle Madge Evans Ramon Novarro

Huddle (1932). Co-starring Ramon Novarro.


Fast Life 1932

Fast Life (1932). With William Haines.


Madge Evans

“Most children who succeed on screen or stage have to pass through a gawky and uncouth age. I was one of the fortunate ones that nature smiled upon.”Madge Evans

Source: 1938


Madge Evans

“I am supposed to be completely normal. I am the Typical American Girl. I became a Typical American Girl by accident—the accident of a few early picture parts depicting her … That’s my role and I’m stuck with it. Maybe I’d like to be known as a mysterious silent woman, a provocative creature of languor and possible secret sorrows. Nobody cares. Maybe I’ve all the instincts of a madcap. Who would believe it?”Madge Evans


A Madge Evans Coca-Cola serving tray, circa 1933.

A Coca-Cola serving tray, circa 1933.



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