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Marilyn Chambers – Photos and Quotes

Marilyn Chambers

“It’s unfortunate. A lot of people can’t survive the business. They can’t. They just can’t. It’s rough.”Marilyn Chambers on working in the porn industry.

In her prime, she earned $100,000 per movie while the other female stars were being paid $1000 per sex scene. 

Source: Bruce Rushton


Marilyn Chambers

“I would like to have a protegee. Someone who’s a lot younger than myself, who I could train to be a porno star. Wait a minute, don’t say ‘porno star.’ I hate that term. Someone who I could turn into an erotic film star…There are a lot of pretty girls out there. Unfortunately, too few of them are willing to listen to advice and take criticism.”Marilyn Chambers

Source: Bob Greene (1984)


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