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Los Angeles Crime Wave – 1950s

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A look at crime in Los Angeles in the 1950s. Photos are from undisclosed locations.

Above Photo: Three gamblers wishing to keep their snake eyes hidden during a crap game somewhere in Los Angeles, November 10, 1951. (LAPL 00039498)


Call Girl Vice Raid

According to the Los Angeles Public Library, in October 1952: “Five women and a man were jailed in a vice raid. They were accused of operating a house of ill fame under the guise of an Advertising Agency in an office building.”

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find information on this arrest in the L.A. Times. (LAPL 00036709)


Gambling arrest

Three Raids Net 26 at Gambling Houses

LOS ANGELES (AP) April 26, 1953 — Twenty-six men were arrested in three crackdowns on gambling games in Los Angeles and suburban Garvey.

Sheriff’s vice squad deputies nabbed 11 men in a “portable” gaming house trailer in South Los Angeles early Saturday.

Eight men were arrested in a raid in Garvey Friday night, and seven at a cafe on West Manchester Boulevard.

The photo was taken on April 24, 1953. (LAPL 00039524)


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