Frances Farmer – photos and quotes

Frances Farmer

“There comes a point when a dream becomes reality and reality becomes a dream.”Frances Farmer


Frances Farmer

“I’ve always gone my own way and I intend to stick to that route. What’s more I’ll stick to my seven-year-old car, my last year’s clothes and my this year’s husband. I won’t go Hollywood.”Frances Farmer

Source: Lois Svensrud (1937)
Photo: Come and Get It (1936)


Frances Farmer

“I don’t dislike Hollywood. I never did and I never said I did. I didn’t try to deny even the vicious quotations. I see now that I should have. Why I didn’t even see several of the interviewers who wrote about me – and quoted me. There’s nothing more important for an actress than the movies. I wanted stage experience because I think it’s invaluable to a good actress, and I want to be a good actress. I wish I could straighten out this mess.”Frances Farmer

Quote: 1940

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