Franchot Tone – photos and quotes

Franchot Tone

Franchot Tone is nuttier than a fruitcake, so don’t let the genteel frosting fool you.” – Burgess Meredith


Franchot Tone

“Actors suffer from being half narcissistic and half self-critical.”Franchot Tone


Franchot Tone Joan Crawford“Look what’s happened to me. When I first came out here I had about six stories in the motion picture magazines. You did one that I liked. That was done out of friendship. The other five were written because I was a newcomer – as one would write about a newly discovered freak. Then I met Joan Crawford and immediately there was another cycle of stories – this time about ‘Joan and Franchot.’ I hated that. I feel flattered, of course, when I see my name linked with hers. Who wouldn’t? But I don’t think those stories were fair to her – or to me. Joan has worked like the devil to attain the position she has. I think it’s a cheap way to gain publicity to try to do it on the strength of a friendship with someone who happens to have a big name. Her fans resent it. As far as I’m concerned, I feel a little ashamed every time I see an interview purporting to be about myself but which is, in reality, about my friendship with her, because I know down in my heart that if it hadn’t been for that friendship the story would never have been written.”Franchot Tone 

Source: Edmund Douglas (1935)
Photographer: George Hurrell (1933)

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