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Glenn Ford – Photos and Quotes

Glenn Ford

“It really doesn’t matter whether it’s the villain or the hero. Sometimes the villain is the most colorful. But I prefer a part where you don’t know what he is until the end.”Glenn Ford


Glenn Ford and Evelyn Keyes in 1943. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

With Evelyn Keyes in 1943.


Glenn Ford Taffy Comic Book

Ford making a guest appearance in a 1947 comic book “Taffy.”


Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford in "The Loves of Carmen" (1948) Bizarre Los Angeles

The Loves of Carmen (1948). With Rita Hayworth.

Glenn Ford

“Locations are a problem. We used to be able to go out to Calabasas or Northridge in the San Fernando Valley and shoot Westerns. Now those places are full of subdivisions and you can’t get a long-shot without television aerials.”Glenn Ford in 1957


Glenn Ford painting

Artist: M. Fred Sepia. Year: 1970s. Oil. 36 x 24 inches. The painting was possibly painted by a fan who gifted it to him.



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