Helene Chadwick

Helene Chadwick

“No one likes [censorship], but, like prohibition, nearly everybody is getting used to it. Not so long ago, I went on a personal tour to Canada, and in Montreal I happened to meet some of the censors. They were a good-natured crowd, but mostly old fogies.

“They’d go to see a questionable (?) picture, and like it immensely – but their professional ethics required them carefully to delete all portions of it that particularly appealed to their inner selves. Because it was bad for children!

“All reformers impress me as being the same. Most of them used to like their toddy before retiring at night. Yet they wouldn’t admit it, and urged prohibition onto the rest of us.” – silent film actress Helene Chadwick in 1922.

Source: Truman B. Handy


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