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Henry Fonda – photos and quotes

Henry Fonda

“I was lucky to avoid the big-studio operation at first. I signed with Walter Wanger, and because he didn’t make enough pictures to keep me busy, he loaned me out. I was hot at the time, so I got some good ones.

“There was one picture, I was crazy to do, ‘The Grapes of Wrath.’ I remember sitting in Darryl Zanuck’s office and listening to him talk as he waved his big cigar and that damned polo mallet of his. He promised me if I signed a term contract, I’d get lots of other good pictures. Like a fool, I signed. After ‘Grapes of Wrath,’ I got nothing.”Henry Fonda

Source: Bob Thomas in 1965.


Akim Tamaroff George Raft Dorothy Lamour Henry Fonda in "Spawn of the North" (1938). Bizarre Los Angeles

Spawn of the North (1938). With Akim Tamiroff, George Raft and Dorothy Lamour.


Henry Fonda

“If there is something in my eyes, a kind of honesty in the face, then I guess you could say that’s the man I’d like to be, the man I want to be.”Henry Fonda

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