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Kathleen Key

“I think I’m a little bit crazy.  Not much, you understand, but just a little nutty in the head.  The day before yesterday, I was talking to a producer about a part.  He said, ‘No, Miss Key, you won’t do.  This girl is supposed to be an unsophisticated, spiritual type, and you are too sensuous!’ And yesterday, another bird I was trying to get a job from said, ‘But, Miss Key, we were really looking for a vamp.  You are too Madonna-faced.’  But I think all that’s the matter with me is I’m just a little batty.”Kathleen Key


"I couldn't simp. I can't jump up and down, and blink my eyelids and look guileless. I'm not a simp type." -- Kathleen Key (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“I couldn’t simp. I can’t jump up and down, and blink my eyelids, and look guileless. I’m not a simp type. And yet I’m not a vampire type either. So, for a long time, casting agents couldn’t see where I fitted in at all. There are thousands of girls like me in real life. I figured, and eventually, some scenario writer will think of putting one in a story. And when that day comes Kathleen will be waiting at the casting director’s office as usual asking if there isn’t a chance for her.”Kathleen Key

Source: Rhoda Blair (1923)



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