Los Angeleno photos in the 1930s

Bee Careful Los Angeleno photos

Los Angelenos in the 1930s:

Above: Taken at a bee farm in Alhambra, circa 1930. (LAPL 00066598)


LAFD Fire fighters football 1930

The Los Angeles Fire Department football team in 1930. Photo taken around the time the team played the University of North Dakota. (LAPL 00055692)


Children's portrait 1930

Children posing for a studio portrait at the Angelus Studio, 1962 E. 1st Street. While I haven’t been able to link the business with the address, I’m guessing this photo was taken in the late 1920s – very early 1930s. At that time, a photographer named Charles Lipovetzsky operated a photo studio there.


Fourth graders posing for a class photo in Artesia, California, circa 1932.

Fourth graders posing for a class photo in Artesia, California, circa 1932.


Hummingbird Cafe

cigarette girl for the Hummingbird Cafe located in the immediate vicinity of 12th Street and Central.

Other popular establishments near the Hummingbird Cafe were Adams Sweet Shop (next door) and a record store across the street, owned by Benjamin (“Reb”) and Johnny Spikes.

The Hummingbird Cafe was often a hangout for jazz musicians in the 1920s and 1930s.


lost bungalow court

Jane, a USC student, stands in front of a lost bungalow court at 3026 Shrine Place in Los Angeles. circa 1936.


Rainbow Camp Auto Court

A couple spending part of their vacation at the Rainbow Camp Auto Court in El Monte, c. 1930s

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