Los(t) Angeles: Busch Gardens (Pasadena) photos

Busch Sunken Gardens

Steps belonging to Adolphus Busch’s original Sunken Garden in Pasadena, circa 1895. The location of Busch Gardens was near the site of the Colorado Street Bridge, which was built much later. (USC Library)


Busch Sunken GardensA colorful postcard view, circa 1909 or so.


Busch GardensA bridge at Pasadena’s Busch Gardens in 1910.
Photographer: H. C. Tibbitts



Cinderella Busch Gardens

The Busch Gardens in Pasadena used to have lots of really eclectic little fairy tale sculptures within the 16-acre lower end of the park. Here is “Cinderella Feeding the Birds.” The top image shows how it looked around 1909, when the park first opened to the public. The bottom photo was taken in 1937 by renown photographer, Herman Schultheis. You can tell, by the late 1930s, the statue had been altered and was in need of restoration.



Busch Gardens dwarfs

Dwarf figurines. Undated photo.






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