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Rita Hayworth

“A girl is…well, a girl. It’s nice to be told you’re successful at it.”Rita Hayworth

Quote source: Rita Hayworth: A Photographic Retrospective by Caren Roberts-Frenzel.


Rita Hayworth, poolside at the Ambassador Hotel, in 1936. At the time this photo was taken, she had signed with Fox as Rita Cansino (her birth name being Margarita Carmen Cansino). Bizarre Los Angeles

Rita Hayworth, poolside at the Ambassador Hotel, in 1936. At the time this photo was taken, she had signed with Fox as Rita Cansino (her birth name being Margarita Carmen Cansino).

Girls Can Play 1937

Girls Can Play (1937). With Jacqueline Wells, Charles Quigley and George McKay.


Only Angels Have Wings 1939

Only Angels Have Wings (1939). With Jean Arthur and Cary Grant.






Rita Hayworth 1941

“I had to be sold to the public just like a breakfast cereal or a real estate development or something new in ladies’ wear.” — Rita Hayworth

Source: James Reid (1941)
Photographer: Whitey Schaeffer (1941)



A larger-than-life firework on the beach--and I'm not just talking about Rita Hayworth. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

A larger-than-life firework on the beach–and I’m not just talking about Rita Hayworth.


Rita Hayworth

“I think all women have a certain elegance about them which is destroyed when they take off their clothes.”Rita Hayworth

Photo: George Hurrell (1941)




Rita Hayworth paintingRita Hayworth Visits on Bivouac.”Artist: George Samerjan (1915-2005). Egg tempura on Bristol board. 10″ x 15.”  Samerjan wrote about a surprise visit while he was stationed at Camp Berkeley, Texas, in 1942:

“We were training and living in the field with none of the amenities of the base and missing the loving memories of home. Then, out of nowhere, stepped Rita Hayworth – the most famous pin-up of all time! In an instant, we felt as though ‘home’ had come to us and we were not forgotten.”


“Apparently, the way to a girl’s heart is to saw her in half.” – Victor Mature, after she dumped him for Orson Welles. Hayworth and Welles [pictured, here, in 1943] had been working together on a charity magic act at the time.


Rita Hayworth“I never really thought of myself as a sex goddess; I felt I was more a comedian who could dance.”Rita Hayworth


Rita Hayworth in "Gilda" (1946)Rita Hayworth. She was Columbia Pictures. Nobody as beautiful, as famous as she. Cohn made her a star and she made Columbia a star.” — Fabiano Canosa, movie producer, in 1983

Photo: Gilda (1946)




Rita Hayworth in 1946. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“I never made nude movies. I didn’t have to do that. I danced. I was provocative, I guess, in some things. But I was not completely exposed.”Rita Hayworth

Source: 1969

Photographer: Robert Coburn (1946)


Rita Hayworth in 1947 (Bizarre Los Angeles)


Rita Hayworth paintingArtist: Bob Hickey. Pastel, 15 x 11 ¾ inches.


Rita Hayworth“I haven’t had everything from life. I’ve had too much.”Rita Hayworth


Rita Hayworth knitting

“No one can be Gilda 24 hours a day.”Rita Hayworth



Rita Hayworth fortune teller“We are all tied to our destiny and there is no way we can liberate ourselves.”Rita Hayworth


Rita Hayworth 1947

“Let me tell you something. I never resented the image. But for a long time it worried me. I used to think, is this all I’m ever going to be?”Rita Hayworth

Source: Peter Evans (1963)
Photo: Ned Scott (1947)


Rita Hayworth

“See, Orson was trying something new with me, but Harry Cohn wanted The Image – The Image he was gonna make me till I was 90! ‘The Lady From Shanghai was a very good picture. So what does Harry Cohn say when he sees it? ‘He’s ruined you – he cut your hair off!'”Rita Hayworth


Rita Hayworth“I had reached the end of my capacity to feel such total failure with her. I had done everything I could think of and I didn’t seem to be able to bring her anything but agony.”Orson Welles explaining his decision to give up on his marriage to Hayworth. Of course, she also had her reasons for giving up on him, too.

Photo: The Lady from Shanghai (1947)



Rita Hayworth color“Sometimes when I find myself getting impatient, I just remember the times I cried my eyes out because nobody wanted to take my picture at the Trocadero.”Rita Hayworth


Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford in "The Loves of Carmen" (1948) Bizarre Los Angeles

The Loves of Carmen (1948). With Glenn Ford.


Kirk Douglas Rita Hayworth Ciro'sKirk Douglas and Rita Hayworth dancing at Ciro’s (8433 Sunset Blvd.), c. 1952.

LAPL: 00097058



Salome 1953 Rita Hayworth

Salome (1953)


Rita Hayworth

“I can tell you my non-favorites, honey. Certainly ‘Salome’ and her stupid seven veils! Or those ‘happy remakes’ I hadda do like ‘Sadie Thompson.’ Oh boy!”Rita Hayworth


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