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Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr

“It’s one thing to be a star; to take bows; to hear cheers; to sign autographs. That’s all very flattering and gratifying. But it’s another thing to just be Sammy Davis in the confines of his own home. There I have to face myself and I have to like what I see. If I don’t, none of the rest means a thing.”Sammy Davis, Jr. in 1965.

Photographer: Peter Basch


“Why, I have been asked, would I risk all that for this one man. The answer, to me, is very simple. I love him. And the only reason given me why I shouldn’t marry him is because of the racial difference, which seems to be a problem here in America but not in my native Sweden. Actually the whole of Europe looks at it through different eyes than America.”May Britt in 1960

Photo: 1960. With May Britt


Sammy Davis Jr Painting

Artist: Peter Robert Keil (German, b. 1942). Oil on artist board, 20″ x 16.”

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