Astrid Allwyn

Astrid Allwyn

“Some day I shall write a book about the joys of being second lead. You have no idea what fun it is to work with a star who doesn’t like to have anyone get so much as a look-in in her picture. I have decorated some of the best cutting room floors in the business. I’m not bitter or disgruntled; it’s all in fun. But just the same I shall always remember those who have given me a leg up and those who have seen to it that the lighting was placed to do me the least good. Fortunately all stars are not selfish, but some of them are, and when they are, the second lead soon finds it out.”Astrid Allwyn (1905 – 1978)

Source: Edith Dietz (1935)


Astrid Allwyn 1932

Photo: George Hurrell (1932)


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