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Jean Peters

“Whenever fans stop Jean on our wanderings, she has her own patented way of handling them. They say, ‘Are you Jean Peters?’ and she frowns and asks in a puzzled voice, ‘Who is Jean Peters?’ It always works. They go off looking bewildered and we go on about our business.” – Arlen Hurwitz, a friend of the star.

Peters was notorious for avoiding Hollywood pretensions. She was also Mrs. Howard Hughes from 1957 to 1971. Those that claimed to have know Hughes, said that she was the only woman he had ever loved.

Quote: Rick Lyman of the New York Times in 2000


Jean Peters swimsuit

“I often think our glamorization of Hollywood stars—the perpetual photographing us in ermine and bouffant tulle, in French bathing suits or sleek satin — throws the public off: They don’t recognize us as human beings subject to the same discomforts of climate and working conditions as they are.”Jean Peters



"There's been no mystery to my life. I've been around all the time, always active. It's just that I wasn't going about my activities publicly." -- Jean Peters (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“There’s been no mystery to my life. I’ve been around all the time, always active. It’s just that I wasn’t going about my activities publicly.”Jean Peters

Source: 1973

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