Laura La Plante – photos and quotes

Laura La Plante

“Yesterday, I was a featured player, and today they tell me I am a star. And yet I don’t feel any different. Somehow, I imagined there was a great thrill connected with it – but I’m just the same as yesterday.”Laura La Plante in February of 1926.


Laura La Plante (Bizarre Los Angeles)


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Laura La Plante 1926

“When you love in Hollywood, you grow sleepy and contented. Probably that’s why I’ve never seen New York. And to tell the truth, wonderful though the city is, I’ll be prefectly willing to go back home. The West has such atmosphere!”Laura La Plante

Source: Malcom H. Oettinger

Circa 1926.


Laura La Plante crossdresser

“The first hundred words are the hardest.”Laura La Plante on the arrival of talking pictures.


Laura La Plante The Cat and the Canary 1927

“I can’t sit through those old movies of mine, and I just don’t understand how anyone else can.”Laura La Plante

Source: James Watters (1984)
Photo: The Cat and the Canary (1927)



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