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Pauline Starke vamp

“Oh, vamping is so much fun….Vamps are usually so, well, so voluptuous.”Pauline Starke


Pauline Starke




Pauline Starke (1923). Bizarre Los Angeles

Miss Starke admits she likes to wear “nice gowns,” but she isn’t especially prejudiced to gingham, either. There’s a woman for you.” — from the newspaper article Pauline Starke Is Now in “Dress” Role (1923)

Photo: 1923


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Pauline Starke and Antonio Moreno in a scene from the silent film LOST AND FOUND ON A SOUTH SEA ISLAND (1923).

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Pauline Starke

“One day a week the face should be free, unhampered by any makeup. I set aside one day a week in which to rest the face.”Pauline Starke

Source: 1925


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