Venice Canals in 1905. The photo was taken the same year the project was completed. (LAPL)

Venice Canals

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A canal in 1905. The photo was taken the same year the Venice Canals project was completed. (LAPL)


Venice Canal

A mother and child enjoying a gondola ride through a Venice Canal in 1907. The canals were barely two years old at the time this photo was taken. (LAPL 00005810)


Venice Canals 1910

Circa 1910.

gondola ride in Venice, California

A gondola ride, circa 1918. A canal is in the background.  Today, the canals are located near 25th street.


Venice Canals 1935

Gypsy musicians, girls in swimsuits, and a dried up Venice Grand Canal in 1935. (LAPL 00009197)

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