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Kim Novak – Photos and Quotes

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“I never met Harry Cohn until he decided to change my name. My real name is Marilyn Novak and much to my horror, I discovered I was to be billed as ‘Kit Marlowe.’ Jack Lait, then the publicity head, had the whole campaign ready. ‘Can’t you see it?’ he said to me. ‘When you were a little girl, they called you kitten?’”Kim Novak, talking about her early days with Columbia Pictures.


Kim Novak 1958

“I had a lot of resentment for awhile towards Kim Novak. But I don’t mind her anymore. She’s OK. We’ve become friends.”Kim Novak

Source: Tom Shales (1996)


Kim Novak painting

Artist: N/A. Year: 1968. Oil on canvas. 30 x 24 inches. Created as a prop for the film The Legend of Lylah Clare (1968).


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