Frank Sinatra – Photos and Quotes

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“There are moments when it’s too quiet. Particularly late at night or early in the mornings. That’s when you know there’s something lacking in your life. You just know.”Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra

“Call it self-confidence. Call it cockiness – call it anything, but it has always been true of me that when I get an idea by the coattails I can’t let go. I choke it to death.”Frank Sinatra

Source: Louella Parsons (1943)
Photographer: George Hurrell


Frank Sinatra - gate buzzer

The buzzer to Frank Sinatra’s home at 2666 Bowmont Drive, circa 1962. The house is no longer standing. (Photographer: George Brich / LAPL 00082938)


Hillcrest Country Club Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Sandy Koufax

Frank Sinatra, Sandy Koufax, Buzzie Bavasi and Dean Martin at a star-studded dinner honoring Koufax at the Hillcrest Country Club (10000 W. Pico Blvd.) in December 1963. LAPL 00051387


Frank Sinatra directing None but the Brave

“That little picture I directed – I learned that actors can be a pain in the fanny. I wonder if I’m ever like that.”Frank Sinatra

Quote: Dick Kleiner (1965)
Photo: None But the Brave (1965)





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