Nu-Pike Amusement Park – Long Beach

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The Nu-Pike Amusement Park’s Double Ferris Wheel in Long Beach, CA, circa 1960.


One thought on “Nu-Pike Amusement Park – Long Beach

  1. My mother died while riding the cyclone roller coaster at Long Beaches Nu Pike in California in 1978. Freak accident according to the newpaper and cornors report. Her name was Sandra Magana, maiden(Motley) .
    I wonder why there are no records of this on line. Most of the history of Nu Pike say it was closed in 1968. Someone sure made a mistakr. It was closed in 1978, they began to disamant it in 1979. I really wish someone would correct the historical record. My mom died saving the life of a young girl naned Chastity Silveroli. I think my mom deserved to be honored for that, thanks

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