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Adam West – photos and quotes

Batman Adam West

“Running around in this freakish costume is kind of debilitating.”Adam West

Source: Dick Kleiner (1966)


TV Magazine Adam West Batman 1966

TV Magazine, February 20-26, 1966 issue.


Burt Ward Yvonne Craig Adam West Batman Batmobile

“With Batman it had to be tongue-in-cheek, never thinking you’re funny, but somehow knowing that deep down, what you’re doing is crazy.”Adam West

With Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig.

Source: Tod Caviness (2013)


Batman Adam West Burt Ward

Batman was an expensive show and it was losing money. I became extremely frustrated and unhappy and wanted out. There was nothing I could do to convince the producers or the studio to make improvements. I was just a hired hand. Eventually I lost all interest because I felt the series was being neglected. They weren’t spending the money they should have, and we weren’t getting the scripts we deserved. I didn’t want any part of this situation any more. I was tired of fighting for better shows. The program I wanted to do was no longer possible. But I hated to leave the character because Batman had been good to me.”Adam West.

With Burt Ward.

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