Charles Bickford – photos and quotes

Charles Bickford

“I like temperament when there is a brain behind it.”Charles Bickford

Source: Jon Stokes (1938)

Photo: Ruth Harriet Louise


Dynamite (1929). With Julia Faye.


Charles Bickford

“Funny, isn’t it? People can’t believe a guy could have a map like mine and still live – let alone make money at it.”Charles Bickford

Source: Keith Richards (1930)


Greta Garbo Charles Bickford Anna Christie 1930

“I didn’t want to play in the picture because it was a starring vehicle for Garbo. No, I didn’t know Garbo and hadn’t even seen her. There was nothing personal in it whatsoever. I just didn’t want to be stuck in to support a star. As I say, I didn’t know Garbo. I know her now. She’s a great trouper and a magnificent artist who regards the play as the thing above all else. It was great to work with her.”Charles Bickford

Source: Keith Richards (1930)

Photo: Anna Christie (1930)


Pagan Lady 1931Pagan Lady (1931). Starring Dustin Farnum, Roland Young, Evelyn Brent and Conrad Nagel.

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