Deborah Kerr – Photos and Quotes

Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr in 1953. Bizarre Los Angeles.

"I came over here to act, but it turned out all I had to do was to be high-minded, long suffering, white-gloved and decorative." -- Deborah Kerr


Deborah Kerr (1951)

Reporter Lydia Lane: What do you feel is the basic difference between English and American girls' approach to beauty?

Deborah Kerr: The difference is in the very fact you're asking me that question.

Source: 1951

Photo: Wallace Seawell (1951)


Deborah Kerr

"I was cold - the parts were. All Hollywood let me play were pure, sweet, virginal, crystal-clear, dull heroines. I've said, 'Lord Cecil, don't leave me' so many times. How can you get any sex or feeling into parts like that?" -- Deborah Kerr

Source: Erskine Johnson (1953)


Deborah Kerr

"It's Kerr, like star!" -- Deborah Kerr in 1952.

Photographer: Virgil Apger



"I can't take a chance after From Here to Eternity. I can't spoil that. I hope I can get the kind of parts people haven't thought of me being in before. I hope I've bridged the whole thing. Of course, I am a very skeptical creature. Everybody who's see the picture talks about a whole new career for me. But I never believe anything till somebody takes a mallet and hits me over the head." -- Deborah Kerr

Source: Erskine Johnson (1953)

Photo: Irving Lippman, From Here to Eternity (1953). With Burt Lancaster



"I'm tired of all this phony, manufactured sex appeal in the world today! Does any man want to be married to a pair of falsies?" -- Deborah Kerr

Source: Earl Wilson (1953)

Photo: 1954


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  1. Deb Kerr was the most classy bombshell ever on the screen…incandescent…ethereal…and obviously the right attitude towards ‘Merika.

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