Gilbert Roland

Gilbert Roland

“Death comes soon enough so why kill yourself crying about it?”Gilbert Roland


Gilbert Roland (Bizarre Los Angeles)


A dapper looking Gilbert Roland. (Bizarre Los Angeles)


Wall Art

With Billie Dove.



“One story that spread like wildfire was that Joe [Schenk] had engaged thugs who had not only beaten up Gilbert Roland but castrated him as well. When the story reached Gilbert, he went down to the Hollywood Athletic Club on a day when the pool was filled with men – all of them naked, as was the Club’s custom. Gilbert came out, stood around a while, and dived in.”Colleen Moore

Hollywood studio executive Joe Schenk had heard that Roland had hooked up with his wife Norma Talmadge, during their separation, and tried to ruin Gilbert’s film career in 1928 by having him blacklisted. He almost succeeded, too.

Quote source: Brian Kellow, author of The Bennetts: An Acting Family



Mae Murray and Gilbert Roland attending Norma Talmadge’s funeral at the Pierce Bros. Mortuary (417 N. Maple Drive) in 1957. (LAPL 00112593)
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