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Joan Marsh

“I realize that I don’t count for very much just at present, but I am going to be a big star one of these days. Right now I am putting in a good share of my time studying singing and dancing. The ability to do both is very necessary if one is to get along in pictures these days, and I believe they will become even more important in the future.” Joan Marsh

Source: Dan Thomas (1930)


Joan Marsh Pacific Ocean swimsuit

“As things are, I have time for all the normal pursuits of a girl my age. I have time to swim at the beach, to go to parties, to study and practice interior decorating and dress designing, read some good books and a few magazines and take a trip now and then.”Joan Marsh 


Joan Marsh Balloon

“If I were a star I’d worry just as all stars worry – about my next picture, whether I was being photographed right, whether my contract would be renewed and all the rest of it. Life’s too short for that.”Joan Marsh in 1932

Photo: 1931


Joan Marsh 1932

Photo: C.S. Bull (1932)


Joan Marsh (Bizarre Los Angeles)


“What I’d like to do is to get to a place where people say, ‘Why don’t they star that girl Joan Marsh?’ but as for taking on all the worry that goes with stardom, it isn’t worth it.  Starring makes old men and women out of young people!”Joan Marsh in 1933.


The Lady Objects

The Lady Objects (1938). With Lanny Ross, Gloria Stuart and Robert Paige.

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