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Randolph Scott

“I was run ragged making those Westerns. I have no objection to them, mind you, if they could be done with the same preparation and schedule a straight picture gets. I love to be outdoors. But there’s a limit! We usually did a Western in two weeks. Generally we ‘shot from the cuff,’ which means that most of the story and dialogue were made up as we proceeded. The budgets were limited, so we had to cover ten pages of the script every day without fail. There was no time for the director to ponder over various effects, or for real rehearsing….For example, there was one picture we made on the desert. The thermometer hit more than 110. We woke up at 4 a.m. and were in makeup and going a half hour later. On only two nights did we stop before 11 p.m. Fourteen days of that, including Sundays!”Randolph Scott

Source: Ben Maddox (1935)


Cary Grant Randolph Scott

“Oh, Cary won’t talk about it. At most, he’ll say they did some wonderful pictures together. But Randolph will admit it—to a friend.” — George Cukor

Source: Boze Hadleigh

Photo: With Cary Grant



Randolph Scott

“They have been the mainstay of the industry ever since its beginning. And they have been good to me. Westerns are a type of picture which everybody can see and enjoy. Westerns always make money.  And they always increase a star’s fan following.”Randolph Scott


Randolph Scott candidGuinn “Big Boy” Williams, Randolph Scott, director André De Toth and script supervisor Frances McDowell on the set of Man in the Saddle (1951).

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