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Spencer Tracy – photos and quotes

“You know what I’d tell him if a kid asked me the best way today to prepare for a motion picture career? I’d tell him to go to work in a foundry, a shop or a lumber yard – any place where he’d meet real people and could study them and try to emulate them! Because when you come down to it they’re the people that make the world go round.”Spencer Tracy

Source: Richard T. English (1934)


Face in the Sky 1933

Face in the Sky (1933). With Marian Nixon and Stuart Erwin.


Spencer Tracy

“We actors are like the children of wealthy parents who keep a close watch on us, have guards and spies set over us. The studio is the mama and papa of the actor. The whole world, the press, the public are the guards and spies. We can’t really be ourselves, much of the time….One slip and the whole town’s talking, and magnifying it to tremendous proportions.”Spencer Tracy

Source: Gladys Hall (1935)
Photo: George Hurrell (1936)


Spencer Tracy

“Come to work on time, know your lines and don’t bump into the other actors.”Spencer Tracy

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