Sylvia Sidney – photos and quotes

Sylvia Sidney

“Hollywood! It’s like an old chair – if it’s useful, keep it; if not, give it to Goodwill.”Sylvia Sidney


Sylvia Sidney 1931

“I was told when I got there in 1930 that the glamour was all over with. They said: ‘You should have been here in the good old days.’ They said it had all gone out with the silent movies. How would I know about the glamour? I made five films the first year I was out there.”Sylvia Sidney

Source: William A. Raidy (1976)

Photo: 1931


Sylvia Sidney

“I don’t think I’ve ever done a great job and there are no parts I’ve played that I can point to as great. I’m not a fan of myself.”Sylvia Sidney

Source: 1977

Photo: 1931


Sylvia Sidney

“Paramount paid me by the tear.” – Sylvia Sidney


Sylvia Sidney art deco 1931

“I’m a terrible flop as Sylvia Sidney. Give me a role to play and I’ll do anything. I’ll assume a brand new personality.”Sylvia Sidney

Source: Irene Thirer (1931)

Photo: 1931

Sylvia Sidney

“Loneliness is a person’s own fault. If you’re lonely it means you have no resources within yourself.” – Sylvia Sidney, who took up needlepoint and breeding dogs when she got older.

Source: Marian Christy (1978)

Photographer: Otto Dyar


George Raft and Sylvia Sidney in a scene from "Pick Up" (1933). Bizarre Los Angeles

Pick-Up (1933). With George Raft.


Accent on Youth 1935 poster

Accent on Youth (1935). With Herbert Marshall.


Sylvia Sidney

“I am completely without tact. I’m impelled to say what I think and I can’t help showing people how I feel about them. If I like a person, he knows it. If I don’t – well, he knows that, too. You see, I can’t turn charm on and off. I admire people who can, they get lots farther. But I can’t do it — that’s all. And when I make an effort to do it, which I almost never do, it is completely phony.”Sylvia Sidney

Source: Katherine Albert (1936)
Photo: C.S. Bull (1936)


Sylvia Sidney in 1936 (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Photo: 1936



Sylvia Sidney painting

Sylvia Sidney. Artist: Fletcher Martin. Year: Probably around 1945.

Images from Mr. Ace (1946). With George Raft.



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