Wallace Beery – photos and quotes

Wallace Beery

“I once worked as a railroad section hand for $1.20 a day, and if I’ve changed since then, I don’t know it.”Wallace Beery


Wallace Beery

“When I was an elephant tamer in the circus as a kid, I knew some of the toughest fellows in the circus game, and anytime I want to be really tough, I can think of a few of ’em. It makes the role a cinch to play.”Wallace Beery

Source: 1931


Photography Prints


Photos from The Bowery (1933). With George Raft and Jackie Cooper.


"The Bowery" with George Raft Jackie Cooper and Wallace Beery (Bizarre Los Angeles)




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Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper on the set of "Treasure Island" (1934) Bizarre Los Angeles

On the set of Treasure Island (1934). With Jackie Cooper and director Victor Fleming.

Wallace Beery Carol Ann 1935

Beery poses with his daughter, Carol Ann. She had a small role in China Seas (1935).


One of the more bizarre images ever to come out of the MGM photo department. Left to right: John Barrymore, Lewis Stone, Jean Hersholt, Wallace Beery, Pete, Robert Montgomery, Lee Tracy and Clark Gable. At least, that’s my best guess. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

One of the more bizarre images ever to come out of the MGM photo department. Left to right: John BarrymoreLewis StoneJean HersholtWallace BeeryPeteRobert MontgomeryLee Tracy and Clark Gable.  The bodies, of course, are the Our Gang kids.


Marjorie Mane and Wallace Beery (Bizarre Los Angeles)

[Damon] Runyon wrote a column about me complimenting my work, and from that day on my relationship with Wally was strained. He was very unkind to me.

“My late husband had taught me that when people treat you unjustly you should feel sorry for them, and that will take away the sting. So I used to look Wally in the eye and feel sorry for the man. I never knew anyone who liked him.

“He had a peculiar way of working, or it seemed peculiar to me, because he never gave me a cue. Finally I spoke to Leo Carillo about it. Oh, what a beautiful actor he was! He’d made several pictures with Wally.

“I said, Leo, I never get a cue from him, and he said, ‘No, darling, and you never will. Just look at him, and, when he stops talking, say something.’

“After Wally died [in 1949], I had a psychic experience. He came to me in Palm Springs and said, ‘I didn’t mean to be that way.’

“I said, Go away, Wally. It’s too late for you.”Marjorie Main

Source: Nancy Anderson (1973)
Photo: Jackass Mail (1942)


Wallace Beery's former address at 816 N. Alpine Drive, Beverly Hills

Wallace Beery‘s former home at 816 N. Alpine Drive in Beverly Hills. Beery lived there in the mid-1930s.

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