Betty Furness – photos and quotes

Betty Furness

“My name is Elizabeth Mary Furness, and although people constantly apologize to me for pronouncing it like the furnace in the basement, that is correct. The movie press agents decided that a casual mumbling of the ‘Fur’ and a heavy emphasis on the ‘ness’ sounded foreign, or something, so I’m Betty Fur-NESS.”Betty Furness

Source: Harry T. Brundidge (1937)

Photo: Ernest A. Bachrach


Betty Fuirness

“We arrived in Hollywood late in June, 1932, but there is no need going into the details of what happened. During the first months I did nothing. I didn’t get the lead in ‘The Age of Consent.’ Instead, I was given a lead in a Tom Keene ‘Western’ which probably was the worst performance ever given by a girl. I was given two more leads with the same western star, and then a part with Richard Dix in ‘The Great Jasper,’ followed by a role – my first real lead – in ‘Midshipman Jack,’ with Bruce Cabot. Nothing happened after that. I didn’t think I was THAT bad. But RKO put me in extra work, despite my contract.” — Betty Furness

Source: Harry T. Brundidge (1937)

Photo: 1933


Betty Furness (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Photo: C.S. Bull (1934)

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