Boots Mallory

Boots Mallory

“I’ve used ‘Boots’ so long I don’t know any other name. As a baby I couldn’t say shoes or slippers but I could say boots, and father gave me that for a name. My career? Very simple. After vaudeville and a girl’s band, I got in the line of George White’s ‘Scandals.’ The next season Flo Ziegfeld used me as a special show girl in the Follies and subsequently in ‘Hotcha.” That show was still running when I was given a film test.”Boots Mallory


Boots Mallory in 1932 (Bizarre Los Angeles)


Boots Mallory painting

Boots Mallory. Artist: Penhryn Stanlaws (1877-1957). Pastel on illustration board. 40-3/8 x 28-1/4 in. Once part of her estate.

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