Clive Brook

Clive Brook

“Hollywood is a chain gang and we lose the will to escape. The links of the chain are not forged with cruelties but with luxuries.”Clive Brook


Clive Brook Portrait

Year: 1930. Artist: Lill Tschudi (1911-2004). Linocut. 255 x 170 mm.


The Lawyer's Secret 1931

The Lawyer’s Secret (1931). Starring Jean Arthur, Charles Rogers, Fay Wray and Richard Arlen.


George Raft and Clive Brook star in the offbeat, pre-code, caper film Midnight Club (1933). It is worth seeing if you ever get the chance.

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George Raft and Clive Brook on the set of "Midnight Club" (1933). Bizarre Los Angeles

On the set of Midnight Club (1933). With George Raft, Helen Vinson and director Alexander Hall.


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