George Brent

George Brent

“You don’t need marriage in Hollywood. Women are independent and they don’t need anything from men. I want to take care of a woman. I want to feel she depends on me. You can’t do that here. They have their own money, their own houses, their own careers. And besides you never know when it’s love and when it’s an investment.”George Brent

Source: Paz Van Matre (1937)


George Brent and Barbara Stanwyck. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

George Brent, it seems, kisses extraordinarily loud. Brent gets off quietly enough, but his kisses seem to get away with him. They grow in volume. So I keep the mike two feet away to begin with, then I pull back quickly during the kiss, until it is five or six feet away.” – Richard Williams, sound technician at Warner Bros. in 1936.

Quote source: newspaper scribe Donna Risher

Photo: With Barbara Stanwyck.


Experiment Perilous Hedy Lamarr George Brent

Experiment Perilous (1944). Co-starring Hedy Lamarr and Paul Lukas.



George Brent (Bizarre Los Angeles)

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