Gilda Gray – photos and quotes

Gilda Gray

“I’d like to correct one impression created by the pictures generally taken of me. I really do have and do wear clothes.”Gilda Gray 

Source: Wayne Weishaar (1926)

Photo: Aloma of the South Seas (1926)


Gilda Gray

Photos: Charles Sheldon


“Fortunate to have blonde hair? Yes, I suppose I am but I can’t understand why women do things to their hair. I have no respect for a woman who used dyes or bleaches.”Gilda Gray

Source: Margaret Denton (1926)

Photo: Irving Chidnoff


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Gilda Gray Working Out Framed photo paper poster

Gilda Gray The Devil Dancer 1927

“There isn’t really any standard, you know. It’s a sort of free-for-all. Every one does it differently, and a lot of them are attractive. I used to sing that syncopated stuff in Chicago, and you know you’ve got to accent that with your body. Nobody could stand still and do that, and one day when I was doing it one of the girls cried out: ‘Oh Gilda! What are you doing? Show me how to do that!’ ‘I can’t show you,’ I said. ‘It just came to me. Watch me and then do it, and it’s funny I can’t always do it, either. It’s psychological, I believe.”Gilda Gray 

Source: 1920

Photo: The Devil Dancer (1927)

The Devil Dancer (1927)

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Photographer: Irving Chidnoff (1927)


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“I’d like a home – you know, really a home. A domestic habitat. Why think – did you ever know a Polish girl who wasn’t domestic? I am. Terribly so.”Gilda Gray

Source: Henry W. Clune (1928)


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