Helen Twelvetrees – photos and quotes

Helen Twelvetrees

“You see, life goes on without the slightest regard for individual preoccupations. You may take what attitude you like toward it or, like most people, take no attitude at all. It doesn’t matter a darn to life. The ostrich, on much the same principle, buries its head in sand. But just as forces outside the sand ultimately get the ostrich, so life, all the time, is getting you. I’ve found that sometimes you can gamble with life, but that’s about as near as you ever come to beating it.” – Helen Twelvetrees

Photographer: Melbourne Spurr


The Cat Creeps Helen Twelvetrees Lilyan Taschman

The Cat Creeps (1930). With Lilyan Tashman.


Millie 1931 Helen Twelvetrees

Millie (1931)


Photography Prints


Helen Twelvetrees

“Between pictures I go away. I think that is the best way to achieve happiness in Hollywood, the only way to keep one’s perspective. If you stay too close to the motion picture colony you lose your sense of values.”Helen Twelvetrees


Helen Twelvetrees

“I’m tired of taking the blame if the picture wasn’t good. A star’s years on the screen are limited. The featured players have many years. A star has too much footage in the picture. It seems to me I’m the perpetually pure-at-heart street- walker, always drooping over bars while some director says, ‘Now, Helen, you must be very sweet about this naughty line. Remember, you haven’t the faintest idea what it means!'”Helen Twelvetrees



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