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Maria Corda – photos and quotes

Maria Corda

“One cannot be too subtle. There is always the box-office to be considered. Is it not so? But abroad, that is not so important. They do not spend such vast sums on pictures, and so, as a result, they do not require such vast returns. An artistic success may often show a profit.”Maria Corda, who briefly came to Hollywood after working for UFA in Germany.

Source: Malcolm H. Oettinger (1928)
Photo: The Private Life of Helen of Troy (1927)


Maria Corda“Helen has always been accepted as the ideal — the epitome of beauty. From our earliest school days we have read and studied Helen and her matchless beauty. Consequently, it is impossible for any woman to play the role of Helen in an entirely satisfactory manner. The greatest real beauty of all times would fall short of the role, for there never was a woman who could arise to the legend as it exists in our minds. Therefore, in this picture of ‘Helen of Troy’ we can only accept the physical Helen which we see on the screen as a symbol, just as a painted backdrop on the stage represents a forest, a mountain or the skyline of a city.”Maria Corda, a Hungarian born actress who starred in The Private Life of Helen of Troy in 1927.

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Maria CordaMaria Corda, dressed as Cleopatra, welcomes an entourage in LOVE AND THE DEVIL (1929).

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