Henry Hull Werewolf of London

Henry Hull – photos and quotes

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“Performing for the movies bears about the same relation to acting as sign-painting does to etching. And no offense to the honorable trade of sign-painting. Not that the medium of the screen is at fault. It can really be an art – but not under the maltreatment and mayhem of these fellows in Hollywood. When I see an ‘Informer,’ I respect the screen – then I think of this werewolf business — oh’h’h!”Henry Hull

Source: Kaspar Monahan (1936)

Photo: Werewolf of London (1935)


Warner Oland Henry Hull Werewolf of London

“Hollywood?….Say, I went there bursting with pep and ambition and glowing hopes. I would do great things, great plays, great characters. And what happened? They make me a werewolf and I slink around biting Warner Oland and he bites me. We take turns biting each other, you see, being co-starred.”Henry Hull

Source: Kaspar Monahan (1936)

Photo: Werewolf of London (1935)


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