Irene Delroy

Irene Delroy

“It seems like a dream. I thought I was too terrible for words when I saw the first rushes. I remember I came out of the projection booth crying, and met Jack Warner in the hall.  ‘You’d better tear up my contract!’ I told him, ‘I know I’m dreadful. I didn’t know I looked like that – and I didn’t know I sounded like that. I’m going back to New York!’

“He went in and watched the rushes himself, then sent word to me that I was to stop worrying and go on working. He liked me, and if he thought I was all right, nothing remained to be said on the subject.

“I am not yet reconciled to myself on the screen, but I love California.”Irene Delroy

Source: Alice L. Tildesley (1930)

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