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Kay Johnson Madam Satan

“Unfortunately, before I realized that I was supposed to be a mysterious person, now that I’m in pictures, I had told several New York reporters and fan magazine writers the true story of my life – and now it’s too late to change it. I never starved in attics when I was a little girl – though there are times since I’ve been in the show business that I might have, but for my family. So why deny them, now that I am in the spotlight, even to make a good story?” – Kay Johnson in 1930, discussing studio publicists.


Madam Satan Cecil B DeMille Kay Johnson

Madam Satan (1930). Directed by Cecil B. DeMille.



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Kay Johnson Dynamite

“How I hate Hollywood! Pictures are simply unspeakable! I get myself worked up and into a scene and just as I feel I’m good, a camera man says: ‘There’s a light on her chin!’ or the sound crew breaks in with ‘Watch the mike!’ and it must all be done over. Then we go into the ‘dejection room’ and I see myself up there unbelievably bad. What a business!”Kay Johnson

Source: 1930

Photo: Dynamite (1930)


Kay Johnson

“I have been accused of ‘temperament.’ The accusation is unjust – if by temperament is meant obstinacy or ranting or just plain meanness. The most I ever did was – object.”Kay Johnson


Kay Johnson & Dorothy Wilson in "8 Girls in a Boat" (1934)

Dorothy Wilson and Kay Johnson in 8 Girls in a Boat (1934)

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