Mary Miles Minter

Mary Miles Minter

“The real Mary Miles Minter was a cousin who died when she was a baby. She was nine years older than I, and my mother naturally thought of her when it looked as though we would have to close the show because I wasn’t 16 years old. So when Gerry man came, mother showed him the birth certificate of Mary Miles Minter and said that I was Juliet Shelby’s cousin. She had padded me all up beforehand, too, as I was supposed to be a dwarf. My, but we were scared. We got by all right, though, but I had to keep my cousin’s name until mine was forgotten.”Mary Miles Minter, whose real name was Juliet Reilly (not Shelby)

Source: Elizabeth Peltret (1918)


Mary Miles Minter's childhood home in Louisiana. (Bizarre Los Angeles)


“O, dear, no! I am not at all nervous. Why should I be? What is there to make me nervous? Audiences don’t – bite!”Mary Miles Minter

Source: 1911

Emmy of Storm's Nest 1915

Emmy of Stork’s Nest (1915)


Mary Miles Minter grandmother Charlotte Selby

“I like pictures better than the stage. Better than anything – except mother and grandmother, of course. Someday I’m going to play Portia and Rosalind and Juliet. Also, I want to play in something with danger thrills, with swimming, and rides for life, and all.”Mary Miles Minter

Source: Carl M. Thrall (1915)

Photo: With her mother, Charlotte Shelby, and grandmother, Julia B. Miles, c. 1917.


Mary Miles Minter




“I’m not ashamed to say I want to make lots of money, too. I want millions of it – millions and millions. Then when I have a big country place, I will build a lot of cottages for homeless waifs, and bring them up well and happy. And above all I want the public to keep on liking me, because if they stop I shall just lie down and die!”Mary Miles Minter

Source: Carl M. Thrall (1915)



Mary Miles Minter on the cover of Motion Picture Magazine, Feb. 1918. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Motion Picture Magazine, February 1918.


Mary Miles Minter“King Arthur is my ideal man. King Arthur of Lancelot, but really I don’t like any men very much. Even King Arthur had a fault; he was so busy taking care of his Kingdom and his Table Round that he neglected his wife.”Mary Miles Minter

Source: Elizabeth Peltret (1918)


Mary Miles Minter“My favorite play used to be ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ but it isn’t anymore. It seems too sentimental, somehow, and then, too, I believe so firmly in life after death – you know that Romeo and Juliet lived good lives, and that in the end they were together and happy – it really doesn’t seem a bit sad to me – not a bit.”Mary Miles Minter

Source: Elizabeth Peltret (1918)


Mary Miles Minther Charlotte Shelby“All of us get mad when we have some good cause for it. I can remember just as well how mad I got at Maude Fealy because she used one of my socks as a handkerchief, and I was only about five years old. It was during Cameo Kirby. Miss Fealy had a dreadful cold, she had mislaid her handkerchief, and had only a few seconds before it was time for her to go on. She was looking around desperately, when she spied Mama standing there with a pair of my socks. ‘Oh, give that, please,’ she said and snatched one of them. I had to go on ‘sockless!’Mary Miles Minter

Source: Elizabeth Peltret (1918)

Photo: With mother Charlotte Shelby, grandmother Julia B. Miles, and sister Margaret Shelby, c. 1918


Mary Miles Minter 1918“Here, at the studio, everything goes like clockwork. I’m living the most monotonous life.”Mary Miles Minter

Source: Elizabeth Peltret (1918)


Mary Miles Minter“I know that I will do big things. I have a wagon hitched to the highest star of all and I’m determined to get there and sit right on top of it, some day.”Mary Miles Minter

Source: Elizabeth Peltret (1918)


Mary Miles Minter Heart Specialist 1922

“I hate money; I have earned heaps of it, and I have none of it now.”Mary Miles Minter

Source: 1923

Photo: The Heart Specialist (1922)


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