Roscoe Karns – photos and quotes

Roscoe Karns

“Taxicab driver phoned me one night. He was in some sort of jam and couldn’t take his cab out that night to work. He wanted to know if I’d drive the cab for him. Another time, a woman called up and asked me to be a fourth at bridge. A friend of hers had failed to arrive.”Roscoe Karns


Roscoe Karns Mary Karns 1954

“Women especially are always calling me up at home with problems. I’ve been asked to find missing children, look into prowler reports and quiet barking dogs. One woman even wanted me to do something about a neighbor of hers. She claimed that the neighbor was stealing clothing off her clothesline. The calls were amusing at first, they are more a nuisance now. I’ve had my phone number changed several times, but somehow people always get hold of the new number and, after a quiet spell, I begin to get the calls again.” — Roscoe Karns

Source: 1954

Photo: Roscoe and his wife, Mary, on the set of the TV show Rocky King, Inside Detective.

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