Marian Nixon

Marian Nixon – photos and quotes

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“Pictures mean everything to me. Universal is going to star me, and I must give all my time to developing myself so I will not fail.”Marian Nixon

Source: 1927


Marian Nixon


Los Angeles Times, December 21, 1924 – Two checks made out by Marian Nixon but never cashed, caused that actress no worry until she learned that they had been purchased by trophy hunters from the East, who were preserving them for Miss Nixon’s signature.

While this is perhaps the most unusual example of steps some tourists take to get momentoes [sic] from the stars and studios, it is not the only one, according to Miss Nixon.

Within the last six months, she has given to studio visitors fully a dozen handkerchiefs, a number of small strips torn from screen costumes, a few odd bits of cheap jewelry worn in various screen productions and other odds and ends which tourists seized upon avidly.

“Many people whom I meet prefer such trophies to autographed photographs,” Miss Nixon says. “On numerous occasions, when I’ve been requested by visitors to give them something as a remembrance, I have offered pictures only to be told that they preferred something else. I did not understand this until one young lady told me that everybody asked for pictures and that she wanted something out of the ordinary.”


Face in the Sky 1933

Face in the Sky (1933). With Spencer Tracy and Stuart Erwin.


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