Spooks Speak: Early Los Angeles Ghost Story

Spook Speaks

A Ghost Visits Los Angeles and Talks to His Family.

Somewhat Different from the General Run of Troubled Spirits — He Blows Cold Wind and Looks Sad.

(Los Angeles Times, Feb. 7, 1882) The old, old ghost business has been revived in this city once more. It is always easy to find a number of persons who will take up and make a sensation out of a little noise made at midnight, when ghosts are supposed to kick up rows and disturb the quiet of good people who want to sleep. But Los Angeles has got a genuine ghost this time for certain. Said ghost has been seen and heard to talk. This troubled spirit has gone out of the old, time-worn groove and instead of kicking over tables, knocking down chairs, groaning, weeping and turning everybody’s blood to ice by yelling and making unearthly noises, it blows

From his thin lungs and paralyzes everybody in sight. This is a strange freak, but ghosts are privileged characters and generally do as they please. It seems that a short time ago a man named Rose fell from the Wilmington wharf and broke his back. He lived for some weeks after and died about two weeks ago in a house on the southeast corner of New High and Temple Streets. His wife and two daughters have lived there since, but are anxious to get out now. Last Thursday night, shortly after midnight the younger daughter, about nine years old, woke her mother with whom she was sleeping and told her that a man was in the room. The mother looked up but could see nothing. The
From her waist down just as her father was before he died. As soon as she recovered she told her mother that she had seen her father. That he awakened her by blowing cold wind at her. She said he was dressed in white clothes and made motions for her to come to him. Mrs. Rose did not see him that night, but she has had the pleasure several times since. She was in bed, and as soon as she got her breath, she exclaimed, “God protect me!” The ghost replied, “He will, my dear,” and vanished. The mother was getting anxious to see
And was accommodated last Saturday night about dark. She was sitting in the kitchen, when his ghostship stalked in and took a seat opposite. This was too much for the old lady, and she made a break for the door, and it was some time before they could get her back. Several spiritualists came in the evening, and say they saw and conversed with the departed spirit. A number of them will hold a wake there tonight, when the family hope they will make his ghostship tell what he wants or leave the house for good.
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