Wealthy Cat's Estate

(Los Angeles Times, June 9, 1931) Mitzi, often referred to as the wealthiest cat in the world, is dead, and because of the riches inherited from her mistress, Dr. Maude F. Ide, the probate court was unusually meticulous in administering the estate, which now becomes the property of Mrs. Otella Kuschke of 1020 South Citrus Ave.

With the death of Dr. Ide October 18, 1930, considerable publicity was attached to a portion of her will which bequeathed to her 18-year-old Persian pet, Mitzi, the income from a $15,000 trust fund and a residence at 119 West Live Oak street, San Gabriel.

Mitzi died April 19, and, under the term of Dr. Ide’s will, the cat’s death released both the trust fund and the residence to Mrs. Kuschke.

Superior Judge Desmond approved the transfer of the trust fund and the residence and the report setting forth expenses incurred by Mitzi. It was disclosed that $175 had been paid to Miss Pauline Agnes Goetz, who was left in charge of the cat under the terms of the will, and that $47.29 was expended for food. A certificate of death and a post-mortum statement, reflecting that Mitzi died of old age, also were presented.

Judge Desmond also approved partial distribution of the $268,137 estate of Dr. Ide as made by the executrices, Mrs. Kuschke and Charlotte O. Meier.


Mitzi’s house no longer appears to be standing, having been replaced by what looks like an apartment unit built in 1973.

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