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Edna Purviance

“Perhaps I shall never be a great success, but whatever success that I may have I shall attribute to Mr. ChaplinIt was Charlie who gave me my first chance. It was he who directed me over the rough spots, who always was patient and painstaking with me, who coached me, who encouraged me and without whose help I never could have accomplished what I have.”Edna Purviance

Source: John H. Blackwood (1915)


Edna Purviance Charles Chaplin“I am the happiest girl in all the world. Here I am, just turned 21. I have everything I want – things I should never had dreamed of obtaining – and it’s all due to luck. You see, I had taken stenography with my high school course in Nevada, and when we moved to California, I finished a complete business course and seriously studied the piano. Vaguely, I imagined that someday I might be a big musician, and then one evening I accidentally met Mr. Chaplin through a mutual friend. Mr. Chaplin asked me if I would like to act in pictures with him. I laughed at the idea, but agreed to try it. I never thought I would ever go through with another after that first picture. I want to tell you that I suffered untold agonies. Eyes seemed to be everywhere. I was simply frightened to death. But Mr. Chaplin had unlimited patience in directing me and teaching me. I learned everything I knew from him.”Edna Purviance 

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)


Mr. Chaplin has some wonderful stories for our next comedies. He just works them out in his head, you know, but has told several of them to me, and they are greater than anything we have ever done – less slapstick – and we are going to do three-reelers now, which will give him a better opportunity.”Edna Purviance

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)


Edna Purviance“You know, you may think me queer, but I am very glad I don’t have to work in New York. This is the first time I have ever been East in all my life, you know. I have spent all of my 21 years in Nevada and California. My friends who have taken me around since I have been in New York City make more fun of me and say, ‘For goodness sake, Edna, close your mouth and don’t “Oh, oh” so! People will think you are a regular rube.’ Yes, New York is all very wonderful; its shops, theaters, and hotels are magnificent; but I’ll be glad to get back home. There the climate is warm and sunshiny and everyone knows everybody. Here, there is just a wild, scrambling, conglomerate mob, and one little atom of humanity more or less makes very little difference. Oh, no; I shouldn’t care to work in New York, and, although I have enjoyed seeing all the sights and people have given me a wonderful time, I shall be glad when I get word that the studio is finished, vacation time is over and it’s time for me to return to California and work. Of course, in a way, I shall be sorry to leave New York. It has been a life-long dream realized, and now – and now I shall have to get another dream. I wonder what it will be?”Edna Purviance

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)

Photo: 1918


Edna Purviance 1916“I do enjoy a number of thrills from the success I have attained. I don’t really believe I am even ambitious to do dramatic roles. I am perfectly happy that I am to be Mr. Chaplin‘s leading lady for another year at least.”Edna Purviance

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)

Photos: 1916



Edna Purviance

In 1918, Purviance entertained Allied military men inside the Alexandria Hotel’s tea room, also known as the Peacock Alley.

The hotel’s Peacock Alley Tea Room was decorated in a shade of green with soft, shaded lighting. It also had a fountain.

Prior to Prohibition, Peacock Alley served more than tea. In fact, women often met there for cocktails.




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