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Lois Weber – photos and quotes

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“I like to direct, because I believe a woman, more or less intuitively, brings out many of the emotions that are rarely expressed on the screen. I may miss what some of the men get, but I will get other effects that they never thought of.”Lois Weber

Source: L.H. Johnson (1915)


Lois Weber at home

“You see, while I may sit at this desk, I never really work at it. I can’t. I just get a pile of yellow paper, a stub pencil that continually flies into my mouth – and I write on my knee! I have to. I’ve always written that way. If I should suffer an amputation at the hip I’d be done; I’d never have another inspiration as long as I lived!”Lois Weber

Photo: with her husband, Phillips Smalley.


“I first became interested in pictures through writing – and selling! – scenarios. My husband, who had a great deal of faith in me, left a splendid position on the dramatic stage to act in them. That was in the old Rex company. We worked very, very hard. My field began to enlarge. First I was asked for advice concerning other people’s work, and so, quite naturally, I eventually became a director.”Lois Weber

Photo: with her husband, Phillips Smalley.


Hippocrates (1915). Directed by Lois Weber.


Lois Weber Phillips Smalley

“I think there is no particular theme or treatment in a good play which does not appeal with equal force to both sexes.”Lois Weber

Photo: Lois Weber (left), Anna Pavlova, seated at table, and Phillips Smalley (right) on the set of The Dumb Girl of Portici  (1916).


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