Myrtle Stedman – photos and quotes

Myrtle Stedman 1917

“Sometimes I think that I am very unfortunate, indeed, not to have had some sad thing in my life to think about and cry. Tears are such comforts. No, I have always been happy.”Myrtle Stedman


Myrtle Stedman

“I am the youngest, the baby of the family – spoiled – but I am glad I was. It is nice to be the youngest and be petted and fussed over. I had a jolly girlhood, and although I was a bad scholar generally, I was devoted to music, and my parents had me specially trained for the operatic stage.”Myrtle Stedman

Source: J. Gordon Bastedo (1917)


Myrtle Stedman in 1916. (Bizarre Los Angeles)“I started out when I was quite young, doing solo dances with the Whitney Opera Company. I also gave a great deal of attention to voice culture, and had high hopes of an operatic career. Then my family moved to Black Hawk, Colorado. Later on I rejoined the Whitney Company, in Chicago, as prima donna this time, and went on the the road with them, singing in opera, comic opera, and musical comedy. Later I toured the road again, this time singing in concert.”Myrtle Stedman 


"I have been in motion pictures four years, and love the work." -- Myrtle Stedman (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“I have been in motion pictures four years, and love the work.”Myrtle Stedman

Source: 1917


Myrtle Stedman 1915

“I am, first of all, a home-body….So you…can readily appreciate the feeling I had after those years when I was offered a position with Selig, under the direction of Otis Turner, and realized that at last I could have a home. I stayed with Selig four years, but all the time wasn’t spent in one place, as I had so fondly hoped. I divided my time between Chicago, Colorado and Arizona, but I enjoyed it, anyway.” Myrtle Stedman.

Myrtle Stedman‘s residence at 171 S. Hoover in 1915. The home was built in 1909.

Myrtle Stedman in her bedroom, c. 1915.

Myrtle Stedman house today

The same residence in more recent years.


Sessue Hayawaka Black Rose

Photo: Black Roses (1921). With Sessue Hawakawa.


Myrtle Stedman (Bizarre Los Angeles)



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