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Pearl White

“I am told that I should devote myself to emotional work. I enjoy playing comedy parts. But then I am happy when acting any part.” — Pearl White

Source: 1910

Photo: 1911

Pearl White (Bizarre Los Angeles)

The motion picture appeals to me because of the variety of characters I am called on to play, the frequent changes the delightful outdoor work with the exhilarating rides, etc. I am happy in working under a director. Mr. Golden contents himself with explaining the nature and main characteristics of the character that I am to portray and her relations to the story and then permits me to express myself freely. My motion picture experiences have been valuable to me in developing my capacity for expressing emotion independent of the spoken word. I now realize how the actors in the theater are, except in the great plays, handicapped by the dialogue, the artificial scenery and other limitations.”Pearl White in 1910


Pearl White“I live alone, I like to be alone and have my own way, and I do my work to the best of my ability. I don’t like publicity. After all, what does the public care about me as myself? They only care whether or not I am a good actress.”Pearl White

“You know, I have it all figured out that in the last three generations of our family, there hasn’t been one natural death. There were eight of us children, born in the Ozark Mountains. Today, there only remains my mother, my sister and myself. The rest all died in various accidents. So you see my fate will get me sooner or later.”Pearl White

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)

The Perils of Pauline (1914)


Pearl White

“Every human being in the world is interested in romance, because everyone in the world has either been, is or expects sometime to be, in love. Next to our own, nothing is as engrossingly interesting as the love affairs of others. Well, mine – if I have any – are not going to engross anyone.”Pearl White

Pearl White Lavender


Pearl White in "The Fatal Ring" (1917). Bizarre Los Angeles

The Fatal Ring (1917)


Pearl White

“The woman who seeks a public career is bound to have an empty old age. The applause of the multitude gets in her blood. She cannot live without it. She goes on and on, struggling always to do greater things to win more applause. But the public is fickle. Sooner or later, it gets tired and takes away its laurels to place at the feet of some younger or more beautiful newcomer. The old favorite can’t understand, and it is impossible for her to give it up and settle down, and so she struggles on until the end, until the time when she receives no applause and people merely nudge each other and say, ‘Just look at her and think of what she once was.’ There is nothing more pitiable as the old age of an actress. Love of applause is in their blood. They can’t settle down. It’s been tried and always fails.”Pearl White

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)


Pearl White“If Fate’s goin’ to get you, it’ll get you, that’s all.”Pearl White

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)

Art Prints

Photography Prints

Tigers Club 1920 Pearl Whitel

Swedish poster for The Tiger’s Cub (1920). With Thomas Carrigan and Jack Baston.


Pearl White cut-out doll, c. 1920. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

A paper cut-out doll, c. 1920.


Pearl White 1921

Photography: Alfred Cheney Johnston (1921)


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